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We specialize in the repair, restoration and servicing of:

SAKO, Wetherby, Sauer, Winchester, Remington and BRNO rifles.


  • Custom stock from blank to your dimensions, oil finish, fine checkering, extremely close metal to wood fit. Includes labour for fitting recoil pad, swivels, and grip cap.
  • As above, but free floated barrel
  • Pillar bedding
  • Standard glass bedding
  • Crossbolts installed with ebony caps, ea.
  • Ebony fore-end tip
  • Leather covered pad



  • English walnut
  • Bastogne walnut
  • Claro or black




















  • Barrel installation: true action face, lap locking lugs, thread,    chamber, headspace, crown, polish, test fire, and stamp cal.

  True action for target work:

  • true all locking surfaces, threads, bolt face and lugs, and surface grind recoil lug
  • Open bolt face for magnum conversions
  • Re-work action for cartridge conversion
  • Install banded front sight ramp, solder on
  • Install barrel band swivel, solder on
  • Fabricate and install barrel recoil lug, including escutcheon into stock
  • Fabricate and install custom quarter rib
  • Integral projections, ie. Swivels, sights, bases, 1/4-rib, full length rib, etc.
  • Answer® muzzle-break installed, (brake included)
  • Thread protector for muzzle brakes
  • Custom express sight, includes filing in at range with specific ammo
  • Cryogenic barrel treatment
  • Turn down barrel blank (1 1/4") to custom profile
  • Convert Mauser safety to 2-position Winchester style safety
  • Drill and tap, per hole
  • Anneal Mauser action, remove all stampings, remove stripper clip    ridge, contour, drill and tap for scope bases, polish inside and    out, engrave serial number, reharden
  • Anneal action, polish and prep, for engraving, and reharden
  • Alter bolt stop and checker
  • Weld on new bolt handle
  • Install bases and rings, lap rings, install scope and bore sight
  • Install German claw mounts, including parts from
  • Custom scope bases
  • Hot bluing
  • Rust bluing
  • Banded front sight ramp
  • Front sight
  • Island type rear sight base
  • Express sights, 1-fixed, 3-folding
  • Banded barrel swivel
  • Grip cap
  • Trap door grip cap
  • Two screw sling swivel studs
  • Magnum crossbolts, ea.
  • Recoil pad, Pachmayr D752
  • Bottom metal
  • Krieger barrel, twice cryogenically treated
  • 3 position bolt shroud